What upsets me the most is how art in some manner has become electronic. Machines and tools or software creating art is nonsensical to me. Of course, I use tools like paint and canvas.  The only other tools are my hands. The only software is my mind...to me that is art!

I don't know what I should be called as my art evolves and changes.  Is that wrong? I don't know.  Music has it's own style and lumped into genre, but I do not know how to identify my artwork.  It seems to be a little bit of everything.

I once took a week off from work in my younger years and spent the entire week at art museums for vacation...It was always there in me I just did not let it out until now.  Having re-prints in your home is nice. Having originals is stunning, unusual and catches everyone's attention. You're life is your canvas someone said, make it work for you.