I always believed it was the little things in life that make the biggest difference.  The added touches at a wedding or dinner party that make the party, not the meal.  The ambiance if you will.  

The house becomes a home with that one entrance table or end piece that just makes the whole room work for you.  Sometimes people need something that makes a statement about who they are not Hoffman Koos.

And supporting local art is adding something very personal to your home.  It isn't always perfect, however, neither is life itself. The story behind each artist painting is meaningful.. 

Wether you purchase a beautiful item for your home or not, just know that you will know this artist and her story.  The challenges of shaking hands and stenosis in her lumbar region and ankylodosis in her neck to make each painting is painfree and with joy.  

Thank you for visiting and God Bless each and every one of you!

A few years ago I was devasted with Lupus that came on suddenly.  It wasn't as suddenly as I first thought. All those little and big things that were bothering me weren't because I was in my 40's like I thought.  It was increasingly apparent that something was wrong those last years before the big Lupus flare when I had been working out so much and nothing was changing with my body.  In fact, I was getting weaker. 

It took months of doctor visits and firing of doctors until I got some relief from the pain and cognitive disfunction. At 48 years old Ididn't know if I had a stroke or MS at the time. The pain was unbearable.  I worked through all of it, but not without consequences.  

For pain relief both emotional, spiritual and physical exercise was not quite fixing the problem only offering temporary relief.  One day I went to the local art store which is a mom and pop shop in the next town.  I picked up some paints and started painting whatever came to mind and it was aweful at first. But, at the same time it felt good.  I sketched, painted glass mostly and just grabbed painting whenever I needed relief and it worked.  It got me through.  On an 8 degree day in New Jersey that winter, me and my daughter were bundled up and I was sketching main street at 7PM at night.  

A few years have past and many things have happened. First and foremost, I am not a Kincaide yet, but I am on my way. I have expaned to different mediums and I love texture.. I am still expanding and experimenting, but I know one thing for sure....I love to paint and create and make things ordinary look beautiful. So I decided that is what I shall do!